MOBE Affiliate Program :Which Metrics Do I Monitor to Upscale?

MOBE Affiliate Program :Which Metrics Do I Monitor to Upscale?

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MOBE Affiliate Program : If you want to make high earnings with the MOBE affiliate program, you have to scale up. What you have been doing to get to your six figure commissions is no longer going to cut it if your aim is to move to a seven figure bracket.

You need to start placing more value in your time. This means focusing only on high leveraged activities that earn you money directly. You need to focus on metrics that earns you this direct sales, because you only make money when you get a sale.

Cost Per Buyer

Your success as an affiliate marketer starts with your front end buyer. This are the people buying your initial product. You want to get as many of these front end buyers as possible to facilitate back end sales. Usually you’ll lose some money getting front end buyers because the cost you put in getting them is usually higher than the price they are paying to purchase your front end products.

You want to make sure the difference is reasonable and can be balanced out with back end upsells. You do that by testing and studying improvements in metrics like website traffic, using comprehensive tools like Google Analytics.


You also want to keep an eye on the number of front end buyers who upgrade or purchase one of your back end products. The ideal business structure will have your customers ascending and buying higher price products and getting more value. For example, if you are promoting MOBE products, you could start off offering MTTB, which is a $49 product, but you want to have customers upgrading to more high ticket MOBE products after that initial sale.


You also want to track your return on investments. You will look at the money you spent on traffic and advertisements, and the total revenue generated from both front end and back end sales. Upscale expenses on ads and traffic generation methods that bring in more sales.


Monitoring this three metrics will help you understand and plan the investments you make so that you are making expenses only on things that make you money in the long run.

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