MOBE Matt Lloyd Advice for Communicating with New Leads

MOBE Matt Lloyd Advice for Communicating with New Leads

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MOBE Matt Lloyd Advice : You invested well in driving traffic, and are seeing results. People are opting in to your lists, and you are excited about starting to promote your products to them. But should you jump in immediately? Or do you do the dating scene act and wait a few days to avoid seeming desperate?

Matt Lloyd advises communicating with them immediately. As soon as someone opts into your list, you want to have an auto response emails sent to them to begin the conversation.

What Should Be On My Email?

Firstly, you want to keep to your promise. Whatever lead magnet you promised your lead in exchange for their email address, you want to make sure they receive it right away. You could take them straight to the lead magnet, plus sending them a thank you email.

 If you are taking them to some other page, Matt Lloyd advices explaining that to them first. You want to thank them for opting in, and let them know how soon they will receive their video. Then explain to then the next action you want them to take, especially adding your name and email address to their contact list. This is very important because you don’t want your email ending up in the spam folder or promotions tab, which they might not see.

Contact Details Don’t Equal Attention

Just because you got your lead’s email address doesn’t mean you have their attention. People will use your first few emails to judge whether they want to be in contact with you. It is a must that you deliver what you promised, or you could lose your leads’ attention right away. You also want to give them value, give them something they can use to solve a particular problem, or learn new information from. Make sure your content is interesting and engaging, otherwise your prospects won’t read your emails.


It’s very important to follow up with your leads straight away when you are still fresh in their mind. Always remind them of who you are, because they could be seeing your next email hours after they opted into your list. You must also give them what you promised, you don’t want to lose their trust before you even start promoting your products.

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Matt Lloyd is CEO and Founder of MOBE (My Online Business Education), an education company with over 750,000 subscribers, 165 staff and over 12,000 active affiliate partners. MOBE’s mission is to be the number 1 training resource in the world for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This is achieved through the company’s products, services, and live training events.

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