MOBE Matt Lloyd On High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

MOBE Matt Lloyd On High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

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MOBE Matt Lloyd : Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business, but like any other business, you need to be put in some effort to get it right. If you are going to go to all the trouble, you might as well be putting your energy towards a high ticket item that will earn you a higher commission.

CEO and founder of MOBE, Matt Lloyd invented a category of his affiliate marketing program called High Ticket Affiliate Marketing or HTAM (pronounced H-TAM) that allows MOBE consultants to earn higher commissions than most programs.

What Is HTAM?

HTAM is a revolutionary method towards escaping the rat race through sharing very high commissions with consultants on high-ticket back end sales. Many consultants who use this method have made tens of thousands of dollars within their first months, with a handful of the most dedicated making a combined total of $51 million. Matt Lloyd discusses HTAM further in his new book Limitless.

What’s Special About HTAM?

Well, apart from the great commissions, all the work to earn those great commissions is done for you, a perk you are not going to get so detailed from any other company. MOBE’s experienced staff who have spent years learning Matt Lloyd’s affiliate marketing secrets will do the work for you and deposit the commissions directly into your bank account twice a month.

Intensive Coaching and Support

The reason many people never make any money with affiliate marketing is because they don’t know how to. They spend their money signing up with a program, and them have to try and find their way through it alone. When you join the MOBE affiliate program, you get a personal coach that will walk you through a simple 21-step training program on how to make your first big commission.


Low ticket affiliate marketing is too much work for too little money. You spend time building pages and getting traffic for only a measly commission, which will take you a long time before you make it big. When you choose the MOBE affiliate program, you get to earn great commissions while you have lots of spare time to pursue you other interests, because a lot of the work is done for you.

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Matt Lloyd is CEO and Founder of MOBE (My Online Business Education), an education company with over 750,000 subscribers, 165 staff and over 12,000 active affiliate partners. MOBE’s mission is to be the number 1 training resource in the world for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This is achieved through the company’s products, services, and live training events.

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