MOBE Training: How to Write Honest Copy That Sells

MOBE Training: How to Write Honest Copy That Sells

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When writing sales copy, marketing drivel is very hard to avoid. Many marketers have gotten so used to advertising fluff filled copy that they can’t write a paragraph without it. The problem is customers of today are wise to such fluff and they are not impressed. People tune out to snazzy drivel meant to wow them into purchasing products. Advertisers need to start writing copy that is actually useful to consumers and less attempts at conning them with copy.

Below are five simple tips you can apply and write honest, informative copy that will help you make more sales.

Cut the Crap

Crappy phrases that do not have any significant meaning need to go. Read through your copy, and if it can do without a certain word of sentence, then take it out. If something can be said directly and straight forward, do it. Phrases like ‘World class’, ‘One of a kind’, etc., are useless fillers that just make your product seem inadequate.

Just Dive In

Tarrying around with words and beating around the bush isn’t going to get you what you want. You can be subtle in your copy, but circling around what you want just gives users a reason to not do it. For example, ‘If you would like to know more about our products, add your email address in the box below and click join’. You would probably leave the page halfway through that sentence. ‘Add your email address and click join’ is more direct and compelling.

Give Solid Numbers

‘Thousands of companies use this software to automate their processes’ versus ’25, 000 companies use this software to automate their processes. The first one seem a bit of an exaggeration, but the second one is a solid statistic, and it needs to be provable. If you can’t get solid statistics, don’t make up your own.

Give Real Benefits

Avoid fake benefits and give real, useful things customers value. Think of what people want and offer them products that solve their needs. ‘Receive free updates when you sign up’ is an example of a useless benefit, why should your reader care about your updates? ‘Learn how to turn site visitors into buying customers’ is more solid benefit that customers will appreciate.

When writing copy, put yourself in your reader’s shoes. If you were looking for the very product you are promoting, and came across the copy you just wrote, will you be convinced, or will you be annoyed by the overly fluffy content you were presented with?

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