MOBE Review : Is Content Marketing the Cure to Ad-Blocking?

MOBE Review : Is Content Marketing the Cure to Ad-Blocking?

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MOBE Review : Ad-blocking is the bane of every marketer’s existence. How are advertisers supposed to get their products to consumers if their advertisements can’t even reach the consumer? Advertisers are busy trying to find ways around ad blocks, and losing their credibility with consumers in the process.

A less deceptive solution can be found in content marketing. Marketers should make consumers want to know about their products, instead of pushing the products of consumers. To do that, they have to produce quality content that is beneficial to consumers.

How to Create Quality Content?

MOBE Review : When creating content, focus on people, not search engines. Create content that tickles the consumer’s need for more information. Instead of trying to convince prospective customers that they should buy a product, find a need they have, and develop content that tells them how to address that need. Customers will be the ones coming to you for solutions after they read your content. You’ll have their permission to promote your products.

Ad-Block Can’t Filter Searched Content

MOBE Review : When you write a blog post or copy for your landing page, it becomes part of the indexed web page for people to find when they search for content related to yours. You are not bringing content to them, they are looking for it, hence ad-block cannot stop your advertising efforts. You should optimize your content to be picked up by search engine and get high rankings in results served to users when they search.

Native Ads Aren’t the Solution Either

MOBE Review : Be careful about using programmatic ads for native advertising. Ad blockers are made to sniff out JavaScript and iFrames, which most programmatic native ads are based upon. This means your native ads are going to get blocked like any other. This still leaves content marketing as the only best get around for marketers.


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