Mobe Review :Branding for Digital Marketer

Mobe Review :Branding for Digital Marketer

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Mobe Review :When developing a business, it is imperative that you create your very own brand. Many
businesses that failed have not done this… so are you?

What is a Brand, Anyway?

A brand means something that separates you from everybody else. In your business, it identifies you, what you represent, and even the attitude attached to you.
For example, let’s look at Wal-Mart as brand. What do you think of when you think of Wal-Mart? Low prices, budget, shopping, one-stop-shop, Rollback pricing… anything else?
We know that Wal-Mart has stores all over the place. They have created a brand around low prices and allowing for families to get everything they need at one place, for one low price.
Compare this now Abercrombie & Fitch. You can get a pair of pants for you teenage child at either store. So what is the difference?
The brand.
A&F represents the hip, sexy, fit teen that dresses great. You can get pants and shirts at either
store, but Wal-Mart’s brand is clearly different than Abercrombie.

Your Brand and Why it Matters

When setting up your digital marketing or online business, creating a brand is something that you will need to do. Your brand is going to identify who and what you represent, and that is going to be one of the reasons people will buy from you.

Your brand is going to make you completely different than somebody else – even if you are selling almost the same exact thing.

Take two professional golfers for instance: Ricky Fowler and Jordan Spieth. Both are young golfers, currently in there 20s that have a totally different brand. Jordan is the soft-spoken, conservatively dressed golfer and Ricky Fowler is the bright-clothes-wearing golfer. They both are golfers, but their image, or brand is completely different. And even further, we can take a look at their sponsors, Under Armour for Spieth and Puma for Fowler, and these companies have brands as well (even though they both sell golf clothing!)

Your brand for your online business is going to affect who is attracted to you, and who will
ultimately buy from you. If you want brand yourself as the Baby-Boomer who helps other retirees make money online, you best not be trying to brand yourself as the young hotshot who is making tons of money, because others will see right through you.

Having a brand should be on the forefront of you business setup and planning, as it is going to dictate your messaging in everything you do.
You will be using your branding on your website, your tone in your blog posts, your videos,
webinars, or any other media you might be using. It always helps if your brand is close to your own values as well, because trying to be somebody you’re not is typically not going to work.
So get started on being “brand” new!

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