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Mobe Affiliate Program :It may sound like a stupid question…surely everyone would like to make a lot of money-  that’s obvious, right?

About a year ago, I began to form a theory in my mind. From observing wealthy people and poor people, I could see some fundamental differences between the way each group related to money.

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Poor people almost seemed to feel guilty and uncomfortable with it. Many of them actually thought that any wage over $30/ hour was considered ‘good money!’ And usually when they were discussing people who made a lot of it, there were hints of jealousy, and a cynical suspicion that corruption was involved.

On the other hand, wealthy people were very comfortable with money….they freely discussed it, ways to make a lot of it, and saw it as something to be embraced rather than kept secret. They were usually very secure about that they would always have an abundance of it, even if they didn’t specifically know where it was coming from.

My experiences in running my own LifePath Home Business, and mentoring and coaching others to do the same has only served to reinforce my theory.

Let me give you an example. A couple of weeks ago, I was on the phone with a man who had requested some more information regarding the possibility of starting his own LifePath Home Business. He had seen my teams website, in the paper, and wanted to know more. We’ll call him John for the purpose of this story.

A little background about John…..John was in his mid 40s, and had struggled with making money all his life. He was currently unemployed and on the Dole, so he was looking for a way to change his financial circumstances. He had several kids that he was supporting, and I could here a slight degree of desperation in his voice as he told me a little about his circumstances.

He had been investigating all kinds of ‘money making opportunities’ for quite some time now, and I quickly began to sense that he was looking for a lottery ticket…the kind of home business that would make him a fortune without him having to do any real work- the kind that so many scams seem to promise to those naive enough to fall for them. Personally, I don’t believe in such a thing. And so I was already disqualifying John as not being the type of person that I would be able to help- but I thought I’d give him a chance.

As I quickly ran through the details of what exactly it was that I did, and what he would be doing if he were being coached by me, I began to sense that he was becoming uncomfortable. I explained to him how my own support team, Home Business Builders would be there to train him in Internet Marketing and all other aspects of running a successful LifePath Home Business. But still something wasn’t quite right. And I soon realized what was bothering him…

The source of his discomfort became apparent when I began explaining LifePaths’ compensation plan. I told him that as a LifePath Home Business Owner, he would be marketing and distributing LifePaths’ 3 high end self development products; Discovery, Breakthrough, and Destiny. I then told him how he would make a profit on each sale, in the amounts of $1000, $5000 and $9000 depending upon which product he sold.

Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore, and interrupted me to ask ‘but how can you make $9000 just from selling this product? How can you justify that for what you’re doing?’

And it was at that moment that my theory of a persons net worth being related to their level of comfort with money finally has some concrete evidence…. This man, who had struggled all his life to make money, was fixated on the idea that money was supposed to be hard to get, elusive, and in short supply. It was something to be hidden away from everyone else who was trying to take it from you.

He had probably only ever made money through exchanging his time for a fixed hourly rate, and this is where part of his problem lay (as is does with most of the population).

I tried to gently point this out to him; that in order for him to improve his financial circumstances, he was going to have to change the way he related to money and how it was made, but it was no use. He was stuck in his ways.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years from studying wealthy individuals, it’s this; The world will only ever pay you what you think you’re worth. If you can’t move away from the paradigm of money being related to how much work you do, you will never free yourself to make a lot of it.

In order to do well in a capitalistic market based economy, you’ve got to first get comfortable around large amounts of money, and embrace it.

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